Reflection: Student Ownership Snicky Snacks & Fractions: Using Our Skills to Make a Treat. - Section 2: Converting Our Recipe


I had three good "Aha" moments to share.Realization that will apply to real life. occurred when this student realized she did not need to combine the measurements for the ingredients  This made me realize how important following through with the actual making of the treat was so important. She couldn't understand that since it went into the bowl together, why you just didn't combine all of the numbers. Connecting Division to this was an example of how well Common Core works! My students are transitioning into connecting the idea that decomposition is really dividing and they can talk about it! I didn't plant the seed directly into their heads about this idea. I live for these moments. Another "Aha! " moment was when this student realized that 4 halves was two wholes and 12 fourths was three wholes.I am thinking that their thinking is coming together!!!

  Student Ownership: Those Wonderful Aha! Moments!
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Snicky Snacks & Fractions: Using Our Skills to Make a Treat.

Unit 7: Fractions 2: Addition and Subtraction Concepts/ Mini unit
Lesson 4 of 8

Objective: SWBAT add or multiply and decompose fractions.

Big Idea: Using a simple cereal snack recipe, we learn what it truly means to decompose fractions through cooking.

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Math, Fractions, Number Sense and Operations, Hands on Activity, decomposition
  50 minutes
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