Reflection: Trust and Respect Verifying Trig Identities (Day 1 of 2) - Section 3: Application: Commit and Toss


I like to have my students in teams for a Commit and Toss. Although, students should complete their own work, I do like my students to have the support of their teammates while first learning to verify trigonometric identities. It is important that students who are struggling see this process modeled in a variety of ways. With students sitting in teams, they can bounce ideas off one another and reflect on their processes for simplifying trig expressions to verify a complex identity (MP2). Also, for the second phase of the Commit and Toss, students will be grading each other’s work. It is important that the students feel safe to share their work with another and to receive feedback from their peers, whether good or bad. The teacher should remind the class that this is a learning activity, not a test or even a grade. I like to remind my students that we learn just as much from wrong answers as we do from right answers so take a shot and give it a try. The only thing they can do wrong right now… is to not do anything!

  Trust and Respect: Fun, Productive, Safe Activities
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Verifying Trig Identities (Day 1 of 2)

Unit 9: Trigonometric Equations
Lesson 6 of 16

Objective: SWBAT verify complex trigonometric identities by using the fundamental trigonometric identities.

Big Idea: A paper snowball fight (and grading a peer’s work) reinforces the skill of verifying trigonometric identities.

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Math, Trigonometry, Precalculus and Calculus, Verifying Trigonometric Identities, 12th Grade
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