Reflection: Adjustments to Practice What Happened Here?! Inferencing a Crime Scene - Section 3: Closure


LOVED this lesson and how it went.  As expected, the kids were thrilled to experience an inferencing lesson so interactive, and although I cut it off at the forty minute mark, it wasn't because the kids were losing interest, they just needed to get to another task.

When I wrote the plan, I envisioned groups of four.  They would write their own ideas about the Crime Scene and then discuss with their classmates.  At the end they would draw their own conclusions and then create a joint idea with their group about what happened.  Although some kids worked with a few friends, a lot preferred to sit quietly and reflect on their own.  I like this method better, and will give them the opportunity in the future.  There is no reason why they have to come to a group decision.  All of them had unique ideas about what was before them, and I'd rather they express their own opinion rather than a compromised one.

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What Happened Here?! Inferencing a Crime Scene

Unit 11: Inference Fiesta
Lesson 9 of 9

Objective: TSWBAT make inferences and draw conclusions after viewing an obvious crime scene.

Big Idea: Clue into a situation by making inferences.

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