Reflection: Exit Tickets Determining the Meaning of and Purpose for Shakespeare's Use of Figurative Language (Day 2 of 2) and Preparation for Unit Assessment - Section 5: Wrap Up


Some of the responses students gave when asked "What is 1 thing you learned...?" were:

  • Shakespeare's metaphors
  • How to answer a question that will be on the test
  • Symbols
  • To read the dialogue more than one time so I can answer the question
  • Not sure

I thought all the responses given by the students during this exit ticket, with the exception of "Not sure," where an indication that they learned something. Even though it took sometime for them to get fully engaged into the lesson, most students fully participated.  Nevertheless the "Not sure" comment bothered me.  I tried inquiring what the student was saying but got no explanation other than "I'm not sure if I learned anything."  I decided to leave it at that and chalk it up to low mood.  I wonder if the student really didn't absorb anything or was not wanting to reflect on what was taught because of "mood?"

  1 Thing I Learned
  Exit Tickets: 1 Thing I Learned
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Determining the Meaning of and Purpose for Shakespeare's Use of Figurative Language (Day 2 of 2) and Preparation for Unit Assessment

Unit 8: Romeo and Juliet
Lesson 6 of 13

Objective: SWBAT determine figurative and connotative meaning of words and determine their impact in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet by using a graphic organizer to analyze quotes. SWBAT cite specific evidence from text and demonstrate understanding by writing evidence based answers.

Big Idea: How I designed a practice test to prepare my students for close reading and annotation in preparation for their District Unit 5 Assessment.

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