Reflection: Checks for Understanding Literature Circles: Shhh... This Conversation is Silent - Section 1: Written Discussion


I love written conversation days. I love the seriousness that accompanies them, the overall focused and hushed tone of the room. These discussions hold kids accountable for their pages totals. If a student didn't read their page totals, and didn't adequately prepare for the discussion, they are unable to fully participate in the written conversation. These conversations draw attention to this in an unobtrusive way.

Also, they allow students who typically shy away from discussion in the traditional sense, to really shine through writing. They get their voice across in a way that feels comfortable for them.

  Benefits of the written conversation.
  Checks for Understanding: Benefits of the written conversation.
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Literature Circles: Shhh... This Conversation is Silent

Unit 6: Multicultural Literature Circles
Lesson 12 of 17

Objective: SWBAT participate in a small group "written conversation."

Big Idea: How do we keep a conversation going? Students partake in conversational writing to discuss important novel related questions.

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