Reflection: Checks for Understanding A Jacket for Frosty - Section 4: Conclusion


Reflection: Overall, I think the lesson went great! Adding the video from Frozen, definitely added more excitement to the lesson and it helped to maintain the student's attention. For an exit card, I walked around and observed the students while taking notes on how well the students were able to describe heat energy and it's relationship between the temperature of materials. However, this is optional. A standard question/answer exit card will work too!

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A Jacket for Frosty

Unit 9: Conductors and Insulators
Lesson 1 of 9

Objective: Students will be able to investigate and describe the relationship between heat energy and the temperature of materials.

Big Idea: Would putting a jacket on a snowman keep it from melting? Find out in this chilling experiment about insulation and heating and cooling!

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Science, conductors, insulators, conductor
  50 minutes
snowman in jacket
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