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Many books give formulas for find the asymptotes but the students do not see how the book formula connects with equations for lines.  Many students are more familiar with the slope-intercept form of an equation and do not remember or may have not used other forms.  By understanding how to find slope the point-slope equation can be developed and is an important form of a linear equation for calculus.

In this lesson I remind students of the point-slope equation and we discuss how the center of the hyperbola is a point on both asymptotes.  I also connect (y-k) and (x-h) to the standard equation of a hyperbola.  We also discuss how how we can find another point by using the parameters "a" and "b" or use these parameters to find the slope. 

When I develop the asymptote equations this way the students understand how all the pieces of the standard equations are used to find key features. I am also able to reinforce ideas that will be used in Calculus.


  Finding the equation of asymptotes
  Flexibility: Finding the equation of asymptotes
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The Hyperbola (Day 2 of 2)

Unit 5: Conics
Lesson 9 of 13

Objective: SWBAT find the standard equation of a hyperbola when given key features of the graph.

Big Idea: How can a hyperbola be represents by an equation.

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Math, hyperbola, conic sections, Conics
  55 minutes
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