Reflection: Trust and Respect First Day! Welcome to an EXCITING Journey! - Section 3: Mission Statement and Slogan Activity


Have additional time in the first lesson of your year?  I have just the activity for you!

This year, I found that I had additional time in my class period, so I utilized (in reverse) an activity that I picked up at a professional development session.  At the session, we were asked what our "ideal student" looked like.  We drew a rough sketch (and I mean rough!) of the student with items and character traits that were essential to his/her sketch.  I surrounded my student by qualities such as "Strong Work Ethic" - "Collaborative" - "Tech Savy" - and "Resilient"... (with many others, of course).  After creating a quick picture of this student on the board, I explained to the students that I wanted them to think about the qualities of their ideal teacher.  Although this might seem a little risky, the students really do a good job of being honest and this models to them that you are taking their needs into consideration.  If you are willing to give it a shot, it is an all around great activity!

  Extra Time? Try this "Ideal Teacher" Activity
  Trust and Respect: Extra Time? Try this "Ideal Teacher" Activity
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First Day! Welcome to an EXCITING Journey!

Unit 1: Culture Building Unit - Welcome to the New Year!
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Objective: SWBAT take an active role in shaping the culture of the classroom and learn about the value of the math practice standards.

Big Idea: With riddles, funny interviews, mission statements and slogans, this culture building unit helps get the year off to an exciting start!

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Math, Algebra, Algebra II, master teacher project
  45 minutes
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