Reflection: High Expectations First Day! Welcome to an EXCITING Journey! - Section 1: Opening Riddle


I fully realize that kicking off the year with a "gruesome"riddle may not be the best approach in your particular classroom.  However, regardless of the activity that you choose, I would encourage you to select one that creates immediate dialogue between you and your students.  If you have a personality like mine, you can be really intimidating to students at first.  It took me 2-3 years of walking into a totally silent classroom on the first day and "boringly" reading over the class rules before I realized that I could establish the culture of my classroom much sooner.  I want to get my students accustomed to asking me questions, being told "no", and building on their failures on their way to constructing understanding.

  Building a Culture of Questioning
  High Expectations: Building a Culture of Questioning
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First Day! Welcome to an EXCITING Journey!

Unit 1: Culture Building Unit - Welcome to the New Year!
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Objective: SWBAT take an active role in shaping the culture of the classroom and learn about the value of the math practice standards.

Big Idea: With riddles, funny interviews, mission statements and slogans, this culture building unit helps get the year off to an exciting start!

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Math, Algebra, Algebra II, master teacher project
  45 minutes
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