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It is important to expose the students to as many word problems as possible.  This is a way to make a real-world connection with the skill.  For this particular lesson, it was sometimes complicated for the students.  It's okay when the students struggle; it is good for them.  Some students grasp things quickly, and never have the struggle.  Those students are not growing.  In this lesson, as is evident in the sample of student work, the students could use the inverse operation on part of the multi-step problem, but got confused midway.  Continous practice and exposure to thought-provoking skills will help those students master critical-thinking.

  Word Problems
  Complex Tasks: Word Problems
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Work Backwards

Unit 6: Problem-Solving Strategies
Lesson 7 of 7

Objective: SWBAT work backwards by using the inverse operation.

Big Idea: Students can find answers to problems by starting with the end result and working backwards using inverse operations.

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