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The purpose of this lesson hasn't as much to do with the movie and bias as it does with reading about history.  The project was conceived as joint English and U.S. Government class project because my colleague and I both saw that students needed more practice in critical reading of fictional texts and media. We chose a movie because of the limited timeframe, but this lesson could be easily adapted to a book or short story about an historical event.

We want the students to get a sense of the idea that our perception of historical events is often shaped by the information we have access to, and by the culture we are living in. This small assignment is a way for the students to understand how the Hostage Crisis was reported on in its earliest days.  We also want them to be conscious that when they watch a movie "based on true events" that the director and producers often have agendas and bias that they want to include. Quite often the director uses a historical event to make a comment about contemporary events, for example: Steven Spielberg's movie Lincoln


  Team Teaching in English and U.S. Government
  Real World Applications: Team Teaching in English and U.S. Government
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History as It Happens

Unit 4: Bias and Accuracy in Historical Movies: Argo
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Objective: SWBAT compare a contemporary account of historical events to understand....

Big Idea: How do our ideas about events change through the lens of history?

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