Reflection: Student Ownership Getting the Facts: How Historical Movies Are Made - Section 3: Using DICE to Gather Ideas


One of the areas I struggled with when creating this lesson was the way I was going to deliver the article to the students.  The thirteen printed pages seemed daunting and expensive, but I also wanted my students to know which sections to complete their DICE writings on. I toyed with the idea of copying the article to a Word or Google doc and sharing that, but then the article lost the look it would have if the students searched the internet and found it themselves. 

Finally I asked the students how they would like me to help them identify the different sections of the article and the table you see in the narrative is the result.  They also devised using Ctl + F to find the different sections or to search the article for quotes. 


  Student Feedback on Classroom Procedures
  Student Ownership: Student Feedback on Classroom Procedures
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Getting the Facts: How Historical Movies Are Made

Unit 4: Bias and Accuracy in Historical Movies: Argo
Lesson 1 of 5

Objective: SWBAT identify the main points in a news article about an historical event

Big Idea: How are historical events presented to us as news?

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English / Language Arts, historical referents, textual exegesis, news sources, informational text, Argo, Wired Magazine, film, bias, historical accuracy
  110 minutes
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