Reflection: Student Ownership The Fundamental Theorem of Algebra - Day #1 - Section 4: Door-Slap Exit Note


This exit ticket strategy worked really well in my classroom!  As the next class entered, many students paused and glanced at the work on the door way.  Aside from being a great concluding activity to the lesson, I felt as though it helped the students in my next class remain engaged for the duration of the lesson because they knew that it was going to end with this task.  Prior to handing out these sticky notes at the end, the students were processing what they would be asked to write, and thus taking ownership over their own learning.

  Exit Strategy Reflection
  Student Ownership: Exit Strategy Reflection
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The Fundamental Theorem of Algebra - Day #1

Unit 11: Imagine This! Imaginary and Complex Numbers
Lesson 5 of 8

Objective: SWBAT use the Fundamental Theorem of Algebra and show that it is true for quadratic polynomials.

Big Idea: Roll out and connect the Fundamental Theorem of Algebra to the students' prior knowledge and learning.

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Math, Algebra, Algebra II, master teacher project, Imaginary Numbers
  45 minutes
the fundamental theorem of algebra day 1
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