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When I returned to my classroom after having a substitute for the day, I found the attached peer response form on my desk, with a note from the substitute.  As I read through the comments of my students on the peer response form, I was reassured that the peer response workshop was overall productive while I was away.  It was encouraging for me to see evidence of my students' ability to apply what they have learned without my being there, as well as recognize where further instruction might be necessary (i.e. the identification of ethos, logos, and pathos).

In fact, in a separate note from the substitute, she commented on how impressed she was by the way my students were discussing To Kill a Mockingbird with each other.  This, of course, made me gush . . . and lessened the blow of the rest of her note, which listed the few "usual suspects" that played a bit too much while the cat was away . . .

  Student Ownership: How Did It Go Without Me?
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Peer Response Workshop

Unit 13: To Kill A Mockingbird Part III
Lesson 6 of 10

Objective: Working in groups of three, SWBAT read and analyze the argument essay rough drafts of two of their peers, addressing the tasks on a peer-response form.

Big Idea: Peer-to-peer feedback helps both writer and reader.

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