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This lesson deals with many diverse topics that need to be carefully presented in order to keep discussions on a scientific level. I've found with the appropriate approach, the topics are accessible and highly engaging to middle school students. Oftentimes, I institute a "get the sillies" out moment, so that students who are uncomfortable with the vocabulary and topics can be ready to join in our scientific investigation.

There is a balance between enough preparation, and too much. I don't want to do too much front loading of the video except to inform students that they may hear scientific words that they may not know or topics that seem uncomfortable. The "shock factor" works extremely well to build immediate engagement and start students thinking about other implications.

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Fishy Mixture Water Quality Inquiry Lab (Part 1/4)

Unit 7: Physical and Chemical Changes
Lesson 1 of 7

Objective: SWBAT identify, classify and separate different types of mixtures based on physical and chemical properties of matter.

Big Idea: Students explore how complicated mixtures are all around us, affecting us in ways we rarely think about. While some mixtures help us, they may harm the environment.

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