Reflection: Intrinsic Motivation The End of Suffering: Discussion and Review of the Final Pages of To Live - Section 3: To Live Final Review


Today's class was really fun. Students were super competitive, which meant my classroom was really loud. It was a good kind of loud and there was a great deal of engagement in the process (i.e. joy). 

Unfortunately, having looked at the test results, students did not do as well as we hoped they would on the assessment as a whole. On Friday, after the test, we asked them why they struggled so much and they said that the review wasn't as helpful as reviews have been in the past. I can see how this might be the case. We usually give students a sheet of terms, names, dates, etc. to use for study. We did not do that this time and asked students to take notes while we were playing the game. I think that the noise and energy distracted them. 

To make amends for this, my teaching partner and I are going to allow students to come in after finals to make corrections to their test. I don't know that many will take us up on this offer, but since part of their struggle with the assessment was our fault, it seems only fair. 

  Intrinsic Motivation: Competition
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The End of Suffering: Discussion and Review of the Final Pages of To Live

Unit 17: Literary Texts: Analyzing Modern Conflict
Lesson 10 of 11

Objective: SWBAT demonstrate their ability to synthesize and discuss major themes and characters by participating in a whole class discussion and review of To Live.

Big Idea: Today we will have a little fun with the content we've been studying as students participate in a Jeopardy style review for their comprehension assessment over China, To Live, the Middle East and India.

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