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Watching the video of the two performances, I think I would have given the students more time to transform this poem into a play. I spent a lot of time making sure my students comprehended the poem, then kind of pushed them into transforming it. I liked how the two groups had very different interpretations, and I think drawing those differences out would have beneficial. Even if it meant making this a two-day lesson, I think that slowing down and giving students both the creative freedom and the time to transform this poem would have been a nice opportunity.

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  Adjustments to Practice: If I Had it to Do Over...
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Features of Drama

Unit 6: Performance and Fluency
Lesson 4 of 6

Objective: SWBAT: identify the features of a play and apply them by transforming a poem into a play.

Big Idea: In this collaborative lesson, groups will take a cute poem, and transform it into a funny play.

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English / Language Arts, Script Writing, Poetry, dramatic structure, plays, Speaking and Listening
  55 minutes
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