Reflection: Student Ownership Research Process: Preparing for The Final Assessment - Section 1: Project Work Time Pointers and Reminders


Earlier in this unit, my students did research on Chinese history and culture. They did not do spectacular work. I reflected with them a little bit afterwards and they told me that part of the problem was the lack of time they had to devote to their task, which I owned as my mistake. What I asked them to think about was how they can make sure that all work can be completed in a timely fashion AND demonstrate academic integrity. I told them that this was essential moving forward and they they were going to have a chance to demonstrate their understanding of what this means/looks like with this final project. 

Today, we had a follow-up conversation about this issue and I reminded them of what we had discussed. I pointed out that they were going to have a much longer time to do their research and synthesis of their research. I also asked them to tell me what it means to plagiarize. Thankfully, all students were able to tell me that plagiarism is the use of others ideas or words without proper citations. They also asked great questions while they were working about what they could do to incorporate others' ideas into their work. This gives me hope that their final work will be better than what I saw earlier in this unit.  


  Helping Students to Avoid Plagiarism
  Student Ownership: Helping Students to Avoid Plagiarism
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Research Process: Preparing for The Final Assessment

Unit 18: Assessing the Standards: Final Project
Lesson 2 of 5

Objective: SWBAT demonstrate their ability to use technology to conduct research by using online databases to gather information for their final projects.

Big Idea: Students will research various regions of the modern world as they seek to become experts about the root causes of conflict or advancement in the past 50 years.

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