Reflection: Students with Disabilities Warning to Pandora - Section 1: Pandora and Outlining Our Notes


Students with disabilities can often get lost when they are asked to copy from the board or follow along when they are working so hard on the reading and writing. For the note taking portion I modify the amount of note taking they need to accomplish.

For each paragraph they can chose which note they want to include. For every paragraph the class came up with about three details to write as notes. This would be too much, so they can chose one from the set to write onto their paper. It is about learning the outline form and not about the completeness of the notes. 

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  Students with Disabilities: Simplified Notes
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Warning to Pandora

Unit 19: Ancient Greece
Lesson 9 of 10

Objective: SWBAT write a letter warning Pandora to not open the box using details from the myth.

Big Idea: The allusion of Pandora is one students have often heard, but might not understand. In this lesson we read the myth and connect how it is used to describe things today. The class will also practice writing a letter to connect the details.

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