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The key to this activity was all in the prep work.  I laminated the questions for durability, and I posted answers to each problem underneath the corresponding envelope.  I directed the students to get a card, work it out with their table, then check their answer - if their answer was correct they were to move on, if not, they were to rework or call me over if they could not figure it out.  This allowed the student groups to be so much more independent, and it freed me to offer help to those who needed it (and in my next lesson, you will see that paid off!).  Check out my clips of students working and listen to their great teamwork - deciding if questions were mark ups, downs, or simply percent of a number, and working together to determine how they should set up their bar models.

When working with the lower students, I focused on reading the problems to determine what it was we were doing - adding on to the bar, or taking away from the bar.  Then, I focused on helping the students determine what number we were trying to break up.  In one class I worked with a group of three very low boys, and once they had clues to guide them - they were able to work without me (spoiler alert - two got B's on their test in the next lesson and one got an A!!)  

I like this "relay race" activity because it really frees me up to provide the one on one or small group help that many kids need - and because all students are moving and busy, it is not so obvious that I am giving that help :)

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Percent Models Review - Practice, Practice!!

Unit 3: Percents
Lesson 4 of 21

Objective: Students will be able to solve real world percent application problems using a percent bar diagram.

Big Idea: Practice makes perfect! This lesson provides students the time to practice their skills on applying percent.

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Math, Number Sense and Operations, discount, markup, percent, 7th grade
  60 minutes
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