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There was a lot of fear in my district that teaching proportional reasoning first wouldn't work - that kids would not remember fractions, but this lesson could not have gone smoother.  I approached the complex fraction as a "nasty tower of numbers that we need to knock down," and my kids were up for the challenge!  Once we wrote the complex fraction as division of fractions horizontally, there were lots of "ooohs," "aahs," and "I got this" comments flying around the room.  The challenge for the kids was not in the skill work of the problem, but rather the problems like "Arthur paints 30 square feet per half hour, what is his rate in square feet per hour."  Several kids wanted to change the half hour to 30 minutes, I continually stressed that writing down units is very important and can keep you from making silly mistakes - once they wrote down their units and compared their units to what the question was asking, they realized that 30 minutes was not the correct value to use.  I think the appearance of "half" instead of 1/2 is what threw them off the most.  My lower readers try to just pull the numbers out of problems without reading the words, so I think problems like this one are good to get kids in the habit of reading and understanding what is actually taking place in the problem.

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Unit Rates with Complex Fractions

Unit 2: Proportional Reasoning
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Objective: Students will be able to find unit rates involving complex fractions.

Big Idea: Have you ever seen the big mac of fractions? This lesson tackles complex fractions!

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Math, Number Sense and Operations, complex fractions, Unit Rates, 7th grade
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