Reflection: Learning Communities Literary Domino Effect: A Project-Based Literature Circle Response - Section 1: Teacher to Teacher: Lesson Context and Time Frame


When Jim Burke's book What's the Big Idea was published in 2010, I bought a copy. If it weren't for Jim's creation of the English Companion Ning, I would have missed out on this fabulous book. I loaned the book to a colleague, and she really took to the Literary Dominoes lesson in it. She has been using the project in her Romeo and Juliet unit for several years. I procured the handout she created and tweaked it for my lesson here. I borrowed a couple of her projects to show students so that they would not copy from past projects in my class. I wanted them to be original. Just as students don't live in a vacuum, teachers also need to teach in communities and share their practice. I'm especially grateful to Jim Burke for his generosity and for the collegiality of my colleague, Stefanie Plato. 

  The Domino Effect from Sharing Ideas
  Learning Communities: The Domino Effect from Sharing Ideas
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Literary Domino Effect: A Project-Based Literature Circle Response

Unit 13: Reading and the Empathetic Imagination: Teaching in Literature Circles
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Objective: SWBAT analyze their literature circle text by creating a literary domino project.

Big Idea: "Shall we believe in luck or in circumstance? Strong men believe in cause and effect." --Ralph Waldo Emerson

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