Reflection: Intrinsic Motivation Markup Percent Models - Percents Over 100? - Section 3: Summary + Homework


Who needs a calculator?  I am SO impressed with my students.  This summary question started as just a way to see who understood and who didn't, but all of the tables wanted to respond.  Kids were so impressed with themselves that they could calculate a tip in their heads - that the one summary question turned in to five problems because they kept asking to do more of them....for fun!  I like how excited the kids have gotten, and how much they seem to understand.  

  Summary Reflection
  Intrinsic Motivation: Summary Reflection
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Markup Percent Models - Percents Over 100?

Unit 3: Percents
Lesson 3 of 21

Objective: Students will be able to calculate markups using a percent bar model.

Big Idea: What is a tip or a markup? Conceptual understanding of markups are key to understanding - by using a bar model students are able to deepen their understanding.

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