Reflection: Student Ownership Poetry Celebration - Section 5: Room 14's Poetry Night


The evening poetry was very successful.  25 of 27 students attended with their parents, grandmothers, aunts and uncles, and siblings and cousins.In all, over 80 people squeezed into the classroom.  Because the students had choice in selecting their poems, their was a wide range in the length and topics presented.  The parents had a great time getting to see their child in the classroom context.  Parents also got to visit with each other.  

The student ownership was evident.  The students were in charge of the evening, from serving the food, beginning and ending our evening, and advancing the slideshow.  Afterwards, all the students worked together to help clean up and return the chairs to the cafeteria.

I recommend this activity.  It was fairly simple to orchestrate and very much worth the extra time and effort because the focus was student centered and everyone was successful.

  Student Ownership: Accomplishments and Successes
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Poetry Celebration

Unit 10: Oh Me! Oh Life! Reading Poetry
Lesson 13 of 13

Objective: SWBAT select, memorize and recite a poem for a poetry night class celebration.

Big Idea: Memorize and Recite a poem for Parent Night!

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