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This was a harder assignment than I expected.  Many students put numbers into the wrong categories.  You can see in this Student Assignment that he erased many of his marks during corrections.  I found this across all of my classes.  This was also reflected in the mistakes made during the game earlier in the lesson.  Natural, integer, and rational numbers provided the most problems.  I was expecting rational numbers to be problematic but the other two really surprised me.   This confirmed my choice to review these concepts and the review the next day during class was super important.  My favorite problem was the #5.  There is no number that is an integer but not rational.  My students sometimes get a bit disgruntled when I “trick” them like this.  Of course, this just makes this problem even better.

  Diverse Entry Points: Surprisingly Challenging
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The Real Number System

Unit 4: Complex Numbers and Quadratic Equations
Lesson 1 of 12

Objective: Students will be able to classify numbers in the real number system.

Big Idea: This lesson relates the real number system to its historical perspective.

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Math, irrational numbers, Algebra, Quadratic Equations, rational numbers, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, master teacher project, Real Number System, Imaginary Numbers, complex numbers
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