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The CCSS has shifted what I previously taught my students about graphing.  Before, students were working with statistics such as mean, median, mode, and range at this grade level.  They even came into 5th grade with prior knowledge of these terms from as early as second grade.  The statistics component of graphing and data has been moved to sixth and seventh grade now.  

It is important that I recognize this shift and respect these new parameters.  Yes, I want my lesson to be rigorous, It is my goal to make the lesson rigorous within the guidelines I have been provided.  Teaching students statistics is no longer appropriate, adding more is not adding rigor.  

My focus has to be on the interpretation of the data as it is present in the line pot.  

  CCSS shift
  Relevance: CCSS shift
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Interpreting Data

Unit 6: Bringing It All Together
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Objective: SWBAT interpret data using line plots.

Big Idea: Line Plots are a tool used for organizing, presenting, and interpreting data.

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