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This opening worked out really well to get students into the idea of a residual and what it means.  I was very impressed by the students work on this exit ticket in the sense that every student in the class chose the correct scatterplot.  They explained their choice in a very intuitive way which gave me confidence that the rest of the lesson was going to be successful.  I knew that if students could wrap their heads around this idea of "we want the dots to be closer to the line" then they could certainly understand residuals.  The remainder of the class then turned into a way to deepen students understanding of this concept.

  An Intuitive Sense
  Student Led Inquiry: An Intuitive Sense
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Analyzing Residuals

Unit 5: Modeling With Statistics
Lesson 17 of 19

Objective: SWBAT informally calculate residuals from a line of best fit in order to determine how well the line models the data.

Big Idea: So how good is your line of best fit? Students interpret residuals for a line of best fit using online applets.

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Math, best fit line, Statistics, modeling, scatterp, Residual, correlation, 9th grade
  45 minutes
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