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One major change I have made in my curriculum is focusing on solving equations graphically.  I really think this is a powerful algebraic tool.  It reinforces the connection between algebraic equations and graphs, gives students another model to deepen their conceptual understanding of algebraic ideas, allows them to approximate solutions to check work, extends their ability to solve equations prior to learning the algebraic methods, and can extend a student’s ability to explore mathematics with confidence. 

This lesson reinforces students’ knowledge of polynomial equations as well as introduces graphs of polynomials.  The biggest challenge my students faced was connecting the fact that the x-axis contains the answers to a polynomial equal to zero.  We used pair and class discussions to clarify this fact.  Here is a conclusion written by one of my students after this discussion.  I found that separating an equation and setting both sides equal to y prior to graphing helped students connect the fact that the zeros are the solutions.  This is one main idea that needs to be conceptually developed from many angles for students to truly connect and understand polynomial equations and graphs.  

  Coherence: Solving Equations Graphically
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Solving Polynomial Equations Graphically

Unit 6: Polynomial Functions
Lesson 5 of 15

Objective: Students will be able to solve polynomial equations graphically.

Big Idea: Any polynomial equations can be solved graphically. Graphs can be your "go-to" method!

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Math, Algebra 2, master teacher project, Polynomial Equations, Solving Equations Graphically
  50 minutes
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