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This is the first time I've spent time delving into audience and purpose. The Common Core does reference them in their writing standards, but not with great emphasis. In previous years, much of the work students would do during this entire unit would be independent. I wanted students to learn how to work independently, and while I still think that's important, I've realized that students mastering certain skills with teacher direction is more important.

Audience is very important for students to learn. I want them to think about their writing beyond my eyes. They are so focused on the grade that it's hard for them to move beyond that. How do I teach writing when I also need to teach what's important in life? It can be a challenge for teachers. What's important - the curriculum or life-skills? There's not a clear answer. I fall back on the fact that writing is an evolving process. It will take time and I'm more than happy to give it.

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Looking At Audience In Research Papers

Unit 7: Research Paper: Influential Lives Part III
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Objective: SWBAT analyze their own research writing through focusing on audience.

Big Idea: This paper is not just for the teacher. Thinking about audience as a way to revise.

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