Reflection: Flexibility Eye Witness Accounts of the Olympics - Section 1: The Four Olympic Games


When using an article from the internet, you can choose to have them read the article two ways. You can print each student a copy so that they can write and highlight it for their annotation. The second method, would to leave the article in the iPad or computer and have students practice transferring their notes and thoughts to sticky notes or lined paper. This will be a skill they will nee acquire and good practice for them. 

There are times where highlighting is part of the goal and skill that is being taught for the lesson. However, the transferring of notes is also relevant. I find sticky notes to be helpful and more interesting for the students to use. 

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Eye Witness Accounts of the Olympics

Unit 19: Ancient Greece
Lesson 6 of 10

Objective: SWBAT write a brief news article that uses an eye witness account from one of the original Olympic games.

Big Idea: This lesson requires students to be creative while using what they have learned about the Olympics to write a news article. They will write a brief article and draw an illustration to help us understand the excitement behind their chosen event.

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