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This was one of those - I wish I would have - moments with the lesson review. I'm looking at their worksheets and seeing a similar pattern in that students did not dive deep enough into their written responses and identify the ideals we share enough of the ideals that we discussed over the past lessons - free life, liberty, acceptance, etc. I saw a basic understanding demonstrated such as: Both songs shared that we should all be free - but wanted more of a Both songs shared that we guarantee freedom to all who come to our country. I think I would have gotten them to that place if I had added a section to the lesson beginning where we created a quick reference chart of some of the ideals of our country. This would have prompted their thinking to go in that direction and also showed the expectations for their writing

Here's my thoughts on it:


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We Sing in One Voice for All Beliefs

Unit 13: Creating our Government Through Blood, Sweat and Fears
Lesson 5 of 6

Objective: and contrast the significance of the American ideals in the patriotic songs "The Star Spangled Banner" and "America the Beautiful".

Big Idea: We sing to share what we believe with those around us. Our countries songs reflect our pride and belief in all citizens having rights and freedoms.

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