Reflection: Student Ownership Creating and Interpreting Exponential Functions - Section 3: Guided Practice: Creating and Interpreting Exponential Functions


For guided practice and group work, I like to have students present their work to the class (Exponentials Group Work) Having students present their own work to other groups tends to increase student ownership and engagement in the activity. 

Providing students with real-life and relevant examples is another way I try to increase student ownership in the classroom. In this activity on interpreting exponential functions the Student Work Interpreting a Scenario does a nice job of interpreting what the functions means in terms of the contexts presented. The more students can see the utility of functions and mathematics, I have found the more engaged they are and the more they want to do well and understand the material. 

  Student Ownership: Collaborative Work and Student Ownership
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Creating and Interpreting Exponential Functions

Unit 5: Exponential Functions
Lesson 2 of 10

Objective: SWBAT create and interpret exponential functions to model real world scenarios. SWBAT paraphrase complex arguments.

Big Idea: Students work collaboratively to model different real world application of exponential functions!

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