Reflection: High Expectations But Why is THAT Important? Brainstorming by Finding Importance in Everyday Things - Section 1: Introduction and Modeling


Although I try to make my directions very clear and explicit, sometimes they just don't come across that way. It is very important that through your modeling, students understand and can identify the process of brainstorming important essay ideas. They will be eventually doing it on their own.

When I taught this lesson, after I modeled it, I asked the students to describe what I did. They had a very difficult time. It could be that I didn't remind them to be paying close attention to what I did but regardless, they could not recall the steps. Instead of just telling them what I did, I modeled it again, using a different idea, the messiness of the books in my classroom library and how important it is for them to be organized so students can read more. This time I told them to look for the steps in the process.

After the second time, they were much better at identifying the steps to the process and could effectively do it with their partner and then by themselves.

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But Why is THAT Important? Brainstorming by Finding Importance in Everyday Things

Unit 7: Opinions in Writing
Lesson 2 of 7

Objective: SWBAT brainstorm ideas for an essay by determining the importance of everyday experiences.

Big Idea: Sometimes the most meaningful ideas are based on experiences we take for granted or don't notice. Students discover that they can have very strong opinions about things that effect them now.

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