Reflection: Discourse and Questioning Roberto Clemente - A Man Not Afraid of Change - Section 1: Creating the Purpose


You may notice in this series of lessons on Roberto Clemente I did not include as many worksheets, but rather added more videos. My purpose with this was to show you how you can take student questions and responses and within your group discussions prompt them further to dive deeper into their thinking on a matter. I gave general questions to the group but then when one responded I would ask why do you think that? Can you show me where you found that evidence in the text? Why do you think he did that? and Was it the right choice? 

Questions like this help students to think more about what they feel about the issue and why they feel this way. I love how they debate respectfully and are not fearful to have a different opinion than another. When we get them to that point we have students who feel confident in the safety of the group and their own "well thought out" responses to the questions. This is where Common Core wants us to take students - not necessarily to the correct response but rather to the response they can support with text evidence.

  Oral Questioning over Written Questioning
  Discourse and Questioning: Oral Questioning over Written Questioning
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Roberto Clemente - A Man Not Afraid of Change

Unit 17: People Who Changed Our World
Lesson 2 of 11

Objective: SWBAT...analyze the early life of Roberto Clemente to respond to questioning with quotes when explaining what the text says explicitly and when drawing inferences from the text.

Big Idea: Much of what we learn from reading comes from the questions we devise while reviewing the chapters and story elements. Good readers find evidence to support inferences about text subjects.

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