Reflection: Connection to Prior Knowledge Practice with Protractors - Section 2: Concept Development


As you can see in my reflection video, this lesson was a great tie into students prior knowledge and two prior lessons in which they had experiences developing their conceptual understanding about what degrees are and how degrees of angles are directly related to circles.  For the most part, students enjoy using protractors and practicing this skill. My students like creating things, and when they use a protractor to measure and then draw angles, they are creating something. Most of my students really enjoy using the protractor and have a high perseverance when wrestling with which numbers to use on the protractor. 

  Practice makes Perfect
  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Practice makes Perfect
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Practice with Protractors

Unit 9: Geometry
Lesson 4 of 11

Objective: SWBAT use a protractor to measure angles to the nearest degree.

Big Idea: In this direct instructional approach lesson, students practice using a protractor to measure various sized angles.

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