Reflection: Standards Alignment Analyzing Balance: Representations of Yin and Yang in To Live (Day 1 of 2) - Section 2: Philosophy Overview: Tao Te Ching


I was talking with a teacher in my building earlier this week about the difference between meeting a standard and addressing a standard. As I wrap up my work with the Master Teacher Project and look back over all that I've taught this year, I find that there are many lessons where I addressed a standard and there are many standards that I have addressed more than once, but I wonder if I can, with total confidence, say that my students have met all the standards that I have addressed. 

Today was an exciting breakthrough on this front. As we discussed the Tao Te Ching, I could almost see lightbulbs blazing above my students heads. They shared thoughtful commentary about what each of the chapters said and were able to discuss how the value placed on the idea of balance in Chinese culture is reflected in the world of the novel. I have full confidence in saying that my students have an awareness of Chinese culture and thinking, specifically Taoism. They have met, at least for this novel, standard RL.9-10.6, and for that, I'm pleased.  

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Analyzing Balance: Representations of Yin and Yang in To Live (Day 1 of 2)

Unit 17: Literary Texts: Analyzing Modern Conflict
Lesson 8 of 11

Objective: SWBAT demonstrate their ability to cite textual evidence to support analysis of a theme by creating Yin/Yang charts about To Live.

Big Idea: We will explore the ideas of Taosim as represented in the book today and consider the author's message about the importance of a balanced universe.

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