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When I checked the students' work the next day most of the students wrote the big idea was that "One person can make a difference.  A few said things like "It is important to have hope."  I was surprised that one student wrote "Always keep your stuff with you."  To reteach, I will have her reread the story to herself and think about the big idea of the story might be.  Then I will have a conversation with her. 


  Checks for Understanding: The Big Idea!
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Synthesizing Events = The Big Idea of the Story

Unit 8: Interactive Read Alouds- Perfect Anytime
Lesson 5 of 8

Objective: SWBAT sequence events of a story, draw pictures to match each event, and write a big idea of the story.

Big Idea: Synthesize and Relate New Information to Prior Knowledge!

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English / Language Arts, sequencing, compare and contrast, synthesis
  40 minutes
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