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Overall, my students were highly interested in the documentary, and it is one I do recommend to teachers of this text.  It really adds an element of authenticity to the trial of Tom Robinson, and students are able to realize the blurring of fiction and fact to a powerful extent.  Many of my students came to class the day after viewing the conclusion of it and were still angry about the outcomes of the many trials of Scottsboro.

I love to present opportunities to my students that allow them to become more global thinkers, and adding the element of this documentary has the ability to do just that.

  The Documentary's Effects
  Student Ownership: The Documentary's Effects
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Scottsboro Concludes

Unit 12: To Kill A Mockingbird Part II
Lesson 6 of 8

Objective: SWBAT view the second half of a PBS documentary on the Scottsboro Trial and address a series of comprehension questions while viewing.

Big Idea: The history behind the fiction has a powerful effect on students.

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