Reflection: Unit Exams GAME DAY - main ideas, supporting details and summarizing - Section 3: Game Time!


Scholars were super focused during this time!  They were able to work hard and use quotes to support identifying main idea, supporting details and explaining how details support the text.  Building confidence and getting excited about the opportunity to "show what you know" is a very important part of our classroom community.  We set goals around assessment and track our progress toward attaining them.  This excitement and empowerment really transcends the classroom during assessments.  We take a time that is typically anxiety provoking and we make it fun thereby helping scholars to do their very best.  

  Very focused learning environment!
  Unit Exams: Very focused learning environment!
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GAME DAY - main ideas, supporting details and summarizing

Unit 2: Give it All You've Got! - Part I
Lesson 16 of 16

Objective: SWBAT analyze text using main ideas, supporting details and summarizing

Big Idea: GAME DAY! Bring it!

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English / Language Arts, character actions, summarizing, summary
  90 minutes
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