Reflection: Self-Graded Rubrics The Lost Stanza of "Ulalume" - Section 3: Peer Review and Scoring


Sometimes a classroom feels like a token economy.  You give me work; I give you a grade.  I often feel that the students are really disconnected from the process of learning, because they are just collecting points.  And, let's be honest: English teachers have too much grading.  

While, I haven't found a satisfactory solution to the paper load (sorry!), I do think that students can be more invested in their work if they have a better understanding of how grades are derived.  I think that takes more than just showing them a rubric; they have to understand the skills that are being addressed and the approach that is being taken.

Today's activity left me feeling that the students really understood my expectations, and they seemed more comfortable trying to address the prompt (when they had an opportunity to rewrite.)  Though it is not at all realistic to expect to have time to undertake this task (which took about an hour) each time, I do think doing this a few times a year is really valuable.


  "Giving" and "getting" grades
  Self-Graded Rubrics: "Giving" and "getting" grades
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The Lost Stanza of "Ulalume"

Unit 6: Unlocking Mood and Other Elements of Horror
Lesson 13 of 18

Objective: SWBAT evaluate an omitted stanza of a poem for consistency; SWBAT participate in peer evaluation and scoring.

Big Idea: Reviewing the work of others can provide clarity about our own thinking and writing.

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