Reflection: Diverse Entry Points Why is it So? Connecting Character's Behavior to Time in History - Section 2: Guided Practice and Independent Practice


It is very common for strong characters to have complex personalities and traits that students can relate to. Most of those characteristics are not bound by history. However, it is also very common for characters to behave or think a certain way because of the time the live.

Unfortunately, some of the historical fiction books that students read, either rely on the reader's background knowledge to identify the time of history the story is taking place. Another type of book has a main character is actually not from history but travels to it.

For these students, I ask them to identify the feelings or thoughts the main character has to their situation based on what they character is experiencing in history or discovering about history. Their main character's are probably behaving more that way the reader would if they were in the same situation.

Identifying the connection between the character and the effect of the time of history helps the reader learn more about that time.

  It Doesn't Work in All Books
  Diverse Entry Points: It Doesn't Work in All Books
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Why is it So? Connecting Character's Behavior to Time in History

Unit 12: Discovering Struggle in Historical Fiction
Lesson 8 of 16

Objective: SWBAT to identify the effect of history on character's actions in their book.

Big Idea: Often times, when students read historical fiction, they are confused about the motives of characters until they realize that history effects the lives of the characters.

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