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I want to spend the time connecting halves and quarters to time because it makes it easier for students to think about elapsed time when they can think about the clock in larger chunks. A concrete or visual example often helps students visualize the parts of the clock and reinforces the concepts. Aids and hands-on activities are also very useful in supporting ELL's. 

I don’t want students to count minutes 1-by-1 when we solve elapsed time problems so my goal in creating the visual clocks is to provide a visual aide for day 2 of creating and solving elapsed time questions. Students will use these aides to complete elapsed time problems by counting time in increments that are reinforced by their visual aide. The goal is that after practice they will no longer need the visual model and they will be able to visual the parts of the clock that they created when solving problems. 

  Creating Visuals
  Diverse Entry Points: Creating Visuals
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Parts of a Clock

Unit 6: Telling Time
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Objective: SWBAT create a model of a clock showing whole, half, and quarter hours.

Big Idea: Visual modeling reinforces conceptual understanding.

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