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As adults, we typically never read “cold” books - books we just randomly pick off of a shelf, dive into, but know nothing about. We usually read what we do because someone else recommends it to us. Our sister finished a book and sent it our way or a girlfriend tells us, “you simply must read this one!” or because Oprah tells us to.  I truly want students to be engaged in authentic reading experiences and fall in love with reading. This won’t happen if they never know what book to read next or are always reading “cold” with no background knowledge or information to help build comprehension. I want students to be in the habit of recommending books to others and having great conversations about books they love. To start this process, I have them tell me at least one person in their lives to whom they would recommend each book. Of course, if they give the book one star, they wouldn't recommend this book to anyone! However, the point is to get them thinking about themselves as an important member of the reading community and whose recommendations just might be the ones that turns a “reading hater” into a “reading lover”!


  Being a member of the reading community
  Adjustments to Practice: Being a member of the reading community
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What do I Really Need to Know About My Students' Reading?

Unit 2: Reading in the Classroom and at Home
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Objective: TWBAT use student reading records to discover trends and other important information about students' reading.

Big Idea: There are book logs everywhere! How do you know which one to use? After years of trial and error, I've created a resource that provides me with essential information without making the recording process painful for students.

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