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Discussing and then created agreed upon norms and expectations is a great way to start of a book club, however, inevitably, there will be problems than will need to be discussed later and issues that will need to be solved using revised expectations. I usually save this conversation for later, in an attempt to keep the energy and excitement high for the book club that is forming. However, today, students were able to agree upon effective norms very quickly and started to ask the question, "What happens if it doesn't work?" Therefore, I gave them some time to create a plan to address some of the common issues that arise when people work in a group. I will still have to review these expectations later but for now, by letting them discuss them and create a plan, I have helped to ease some of their fears about working successfully in a group.

  What if We Have Problems
  Lesson Planning: What if We Have Problems
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How do we Work Together? Creating Group Norms

Unit 12: Discovering Struggle in Historical Fiction
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Objective: SWBAT create a plan to work together to discuss complex ideas in historical fiction.

Big Idea: Students are used to setting their own goals and timelines for finishing books. They need a set of norms to help make their group work effective.

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