Reflection: Where Can I Find It - Section 1: Warming Up


During the warm up today, I had the number built with base ten blocks as well as the number written on the board. I decided to ask if I rewrote the number 245 as 452, would they be the same? I asked for a thumbs up if people thought it was ok to rearrange the numbers. I then asked for a thumbs up if it wasn't ok. I had at least 3 students who still felt that they could write the 245 as 452. We looked again at the base ten blocks. I then wrote the word CAT on the board. I asked if the word would be the same if we wrote TAC. They all agreed that it was not the same word. I explained that numbers work the same as words. This explanation seemed to help the students visualize that numbers have order just like words do. 

I like to think that the blocks show that the numbers 245 and 452 are different, but I really think showing the example with the word was clearer than the blocks. They understood that words have order and for the first time they heard that numbers have order too. They may not be conceptualizing what the 2 stands for at this point, but at least they realize that there is an order to numbers. 

  They Are Not The Same
  They Are Not The Same
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Where Can I Find It

Unit 3: Sensible Numbers
Lesson 5 of 6

Objective: SWBAT read a 2 digit number, identify the digit in the ten's and one's place and locate the numbers on the number line.

Big Idea: The Common Core standard is for students to add and subtract numbers within 100 fluently using models. They must understand the place value to build the models.

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