Reflection: Learning Communities Senior Project Presentation Night - Section 4: Highlighting Student Projects: A Montage of Presentations and Student Responses


I met Brenda only a few years ago when she sent me an email saying a local professor told her to call me about a YA novel she wrote. Brenda brought me a copy of I Am Nuchu, which I reviewed on my blog. The she authored an ebook, The Color of Snow, and I joined the blog tour for it. Brenda has also written two cookbooks: The Zucchini Houdini and That's a Lot of Crock. 

Those who live in the west know that accomplished people live here, too. Some folks just prefer the outdoorsy freedom we have here, and Brenda is one of those people. So wherever you are, look for the Brendas in your town. They're there, and sometimes they find us. 

  My Friend Brenda: She's Authored Four Books
  Learning Communities: My Friend Brenda: She's Authored Four Books
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Senior Project Presentation Night

Unit 11: Making Discoveries: Research-Based Writing
Lesson 11 of 11

Objective: SWBAT present their research projects to family, friends, classmates and community members at a semi-formal evening event.

Big Idea: A student presentation needs an authentic audience beyond the traditional classroom.

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