Reflection: Rigor 10 and Some More - Section 3: Playing the Game


For students who have a firm grasp of creating 10 and some more.  I have developed a similar game called 20 and Some More.  This game will work the same way and use the same materials except for the 20 and Some More game board.  Students will also have to draw 4 cards instead of 2.  If a sum is greater than 30, I have the students redraw.

I have also included a video, 20 and Some More that captures a student playing this activity.  

In this situation, the students are working on fluently adding and subtract within 20 using mental strategies and working toward knowing from memory all the sums of two one-digit numbers (CCSS.MATH.CONTENT.2.OA.B.2).  This is a 2nd grade standard that some first graders will be ready to work on by May of their 1st grade year.

  Rigor: Adapting For Challenge
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10 and Some More

Unit 15: Complements of 10 and 20
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Objective: SWBAT add single digit numbers. SWBAT compare numbers to twenty and how they relate to ten. SWBAT determine a given expression for a given expression.

Big Idea: Your students will play a game where they combine two single digit numbers and then record that total in terms of how it relates to ten.

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