Reflection: Modeling Measuring in Centimeters - Section 1: Japanese Lanterns


Today I told students that they needed to measure in 5cm blocks. I wanted them to choose the appropriate measure on the ruler (2MD.A.1).

Most students were able to do this, but what they found difficult was figuring out how to hold the ruler to mark a point 5cm from the edge of the paper. They had measured 5cm lines, but to measure from an edge when there is no line was much more difficult. 

Even though I carefully modeled what I was doing, not all students could take what I did and then apply it to their own work. I had to move around the room showing students how to hold the ruler to mark 5 cm lines. Students who understood the process also helped their peers. 

I did not think about how measuring in this way would be different from what students had done in the past. It was a good lesson for students about different ways to measure once they have chosen the appropriate measurement scale for the task.

  Not As Easy As It Seemed
  Modeling: Not As Easy As It Seemed
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Measuring in Centimeters

Unit 14: Length
Lesson 9 of 9

Objective: SWBAT measure two objects and compare to decide how much larger one is than the other.

Big Idea: They measure in Japan too.. let's see how they do it!

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