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For this activity it will be necessary to stress the importance of accurate drawing and labeling. The student need to know how they will be using this skill late in life as they advance through their academic years. Time and time again they will be asked to present information in a pictorial representation whether it be drawn or electronic and they will need to label the parts of their pictorial representation.

The labels will show their teacher/professor the function or relevance of the feature drawn in the representation. This can also be used when making flow charts and visual displays of data. 

In this lesson the students have been presented with the vocabulary they need in a verbal form both through electronic media and verbal reading of material and classroom discussion. They have been presented with the vocabulary in the written format through books and in the form of a word bank. Now it is time for them to show comprehension and understanding through the writing of the words themselves. 

  Real World Applications: Design
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Flower Power

Unit 10: Maryland
Lesson 4 of 9

Objective: Students will be able to use words acquired through text and conversation.

Big Idea: Drawing and labeling the state flower reinforces plant features and their functions.

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