Reflection: Flexibility Finding Volume of Combined Prisms - Section 2: Warm-Up & Guided Practice


As the school year winds down, schedule changes happen frequently.  Typically, students have about 90 minutes of math each day.  Today, students have a short math class (aprox 35 minutes).  This lesson is a review/extension of prior learning. Students have a short guided practice and then are given a chance to work on this independently for the majority of the time. 

I work with groups, based on results from prior classwork to help students better understand how to interpret these diagrams.  

Different scaffolds are put in place to help students based on their level of need. For this lesson, I included far more examples than the students were able to complete in this amount of time.  With schedule changes and various activities, flexibility is essential. 

I was able to use the first problem on the handout as a quick assessment to monitor student progress.  I also spoke with students in passing about interpreting diagrams of prisms to see how their comfort level has changed.  

I appreciate that within this "mini-lesson" students were able to work with diagrams and models to grow as mathematicians despite the choppiness of the time of year.

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Finding Volume of Combined Prisms

Unit 5: Shapes & Their Attributes (Geometry)
Lesson 5 of 10

Objective: SWBAT find interpret diagrams of combined prisms to solve problems about volume.

Big Idea: This lesson provides students with additional support and practice on the challenging task of interpreting diagrams to solve problems.

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Math, volume (3-D Geom), Geometry, rectangular prism, diagram, Critical Area, shapes
  40 minutes
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